R – Results and Reflection

I – Inquiry and Inspiration

D – Disrupt and Design

E – Engagement and Energy

Leadership discussions take many forms and come from various perspectives – my goal is to simplify the discussions into a leadership framework that is applicable to today’s business environment. Being an avid motorcycle rider I take my inspiration for this endeavor from my time spent riding. There are some basic guidelines for riding – be present, be aware, communicate and have a goal. These four guidelines have universal application and are relevant to any situation, environment or setting – individual, business, political and non-profit.

Being present means I am focused on the person in front of me and the situation at hand. The current situation or interaction has my full attention. Being aware means I notice and understand my surroundings while having an awareness of what may impact the current environment. Communication refers to proactively communicating what lies ahead, what is expected and what needs to be noticed. Having a goal is my guide for where I need to end my ride or the activity I am engaged in. Having goals serve as an anchor my decisions and allocation of resources. These guidelines allow me to have an enjoyable and safe ride. They are also the guidelines for bringing RIDE Leadership to life – the future of leadership!!!

Future blogs will explore the components of RIDE Leadership in greater detail.

Image courtesy of khunaspix at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Ralph Weickel is President with Corporation for Positive Change, and Principal of European Center for Positive Change  Performance Management.